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Quotes lol i use to work for, they use this site regularly to get their codes off the server but charge 3-4 times more. Your not the only one with that bright idea Quotes
EX-unlockitnow employee

Quotes Real deal, thank you for all the unlock codes you've provided me with! Continue the good work. I run my business off this site as an extra revenue! Guys email me if you have any doubts, i've never had any problems. If your in REGINA, email me and i will physically unlock it for you for price in products & pricing + 5$. Quotes

Quotes Worked first time, easy to understand, took less time then indicated on website to receive code. Thanks Quotes
Mark A
Rogers LG Xenon

Quotes Thanks Quotes

Quotes Thanks, unlocking it was easy Quotes

Quotes Just got ma phones. Thank you sir for the great deal. Rogers wanted 904$ for 2 of these, got them for 405$ including shipping to toronto. SAVED MYSELF 55%! Feels like boxing day Quotes

Quotes Worked fine thx Quotes

Quotes People weren't kidding when they said you reply fast. You replied right after I made payment to notify me to specify model of phone. Quotes

Quotes Just got phones, great deal thank you Quotes

Quotes Easy stuff thx Quotes
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